The Best Freight Forwaders Group - Forwarder Fast Finder

Forwarder Fast Finder - FFF Group has a totally different policy from any other Forwarders Group in the World. It is a unique and pioneer Group. Why?

- This is, by far, the biggest Freight Forwarders website in the World, with over 70.000 different pages/urls. This will enable a meaningful increase in the number of new visits to the website, and subsequently, the growth of potential clients to any of our group members. We are not merely seeking internal group partnerships; our project is oriented to make the group able to obtain external clients, both corporate and individual. The investment made to join the group will quickly provide a turnover, with the new contacts which will rapidly appear.

- We have a policy of 1 agent only per country. This will provide you the edge of getting all potential business to your country, within all its main regions, ports and airports. This way you'll be the only one to be contacted, without any competition issues within the same group. Our aim is also for the members to establish important partnerships within their own countries in order to improve the global reply capacity, with even more competitive rates.

- We will have meetings and unique projects, never seen before. Our intention is to increase the credibility of each group member, thus enabling a considerable increase on new clients and business growth. We promise to positively surprise all of our group agents.

- The investment in our group is guaranteed to being the best and lowest in the market and, by far, the best cost/benefit ratio you'll ever come across. Our main goal is to keep all of our members for many years in our group, is a clear objective of zero yearly withdraws.

- This group will have a variable entry fee. To be fair, we cannot compare the potential benefits of an agent in a country like China, with the benefits of a country such as the Dominican Republic. Fees will always be proportionate and custom fitted to the benefits of being a group member.

- This project was developed with very important and credible publicity partnerships. This is something of main importance to us, and was the cause of the delay to officially launch the project and the group.

By filling the following formulary, you can confirm the interest on being a part of the Group and find out the admission fee for you country. However, it will only be presented to you, in case of membership availability in your Country. Unfortunately, we may be unable to guarantee your presence in the Group, due to our exclusivity policy of one agent per country.

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